Adventure | Glasgow Botanic Gardens

📍 Botanic Gardens, Glasgow.

A few weeks ago I had my first visit to Glasgow’s famous botanic gardens! Surrounded by Glasgows bustling West End, the gardens are a wonderful, peaceful sanctuary within such a busy City. 

This year, the gardens are celebrating their bicentenary! These gardens are set within seven acres of land and feature several alluring, beautifully presented glasshouses.

But these gardens are not just packed with vibrant plants and flowers, oh-no, they are unique. These gardens host a piece of Scottish history, they connect the wildnerness of the gardens to the scuttling City. Deep in the gardens is an abandoned, disused train station. The Botanic Gardens railway station was a railway station serving the Botanic Gardens, located in the Kelvinside area, in the West End of Glasgow. In 1979 the station building was destroyed by fire, but the track and platform remain below, masked by the perfectly pruned bushes and towering trees  above.

These are beautifully kept gardens, and definitely worth a visit. Our next visit will include a detour to the onsite tearoom – I’ve heard great things about their cake selection! It’s a wonderful day out with a large playpark for younger explorers, however the huge array of plant species will keep children and adults alike entertained! I can guarantee the Glasgow Botanic Gardens are a perfect day out and with thanks to these gardens, I am confident that my little girl’s interest in nature has began to bloom.

Glasgow Botanic Gardens | Free.


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